How I want my relationship to be with my partner?

Are you wondering about how to know whether you are under healthy relationship or not?

Are you trying to know how to resolve your relationship issues with each other?


I understand how many of you are here trying to explore the world of being in a relationship and maintaining it as your life long treasure. But most of you are confusing about how you will be able to make it work for so long without losing the faith that both of you are for each other.


I am also similar to all of you who is wondering on the earth and hoping to get someone who will be my only one and trying to be prepared on how can I keep my relationship as always healthy and supportive.

Though I may be or not be with someone but I have been evaluating my surroundings a lot where there are a lot of couples who are either working well or being broken up just because of very little issues which may not even value very little in their life.

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I am the person who is so afraid of having misunderstandings and fight when being in relationship with someone. I am not saying that I am the perfect or there will be no misunderstandings at all.

But the point is that how you handle that problems and keep the relationship happily. Here in our society people are with each other because of the bondage they had created for a long time ago but in today’s condition they are already fed up of their partners. They are with them just to satisfy the society not knowing how much it is affecting their mental and emotional health.

And I think it’s all because they have never put on efforts to understand their partner’s priorities and also their feelings. They are together that means they are in love but they don’t know how to show love and affection to keep both of them satisfied.

That’s why I want to compliment something on how to be in a healthy relationship for a long run totally based on my observation and evaluation.


Some best tips that I want to highlight before explaining others are here. These best 5 tips from me:

  1. Listen to your partner

This is the most important to maintain good relationship not only with your partner but also with your families, friends, relatives and so on.

You may say I do listen to my partner and always have a chat with them about our various issues.

But here I meant to have a very nice talks with your loved ones only about you and your partner. May be you can ask if they are having any difficulties with you, whether they are happy or not, may be if they want to go somewhere only with you, may be they want to be only with you for some times so that they can feel secure and satisfied with you.

You can tell your partner to have a small talk and tell every worries you have whilst they are listening and you do the same. In this way you both know more about each other besides how many friends they have, whom they talk with or what work does they do.

Just this will radically boost up your and your partner mental and emotional health and keep both of you happy and satisfied.

  1. Let them have their own time

Primarily, in our Nepali societies most woman doesn’t have much time to think about other parts of their life other than taking care of their own families. They even need to manage time to talk to their own parents in the time of festivals only which piss me off the most.

Male does have same issues due to work load and not having enough time to spend with people whom they believe and share things.

You know there are a lot of things going on people’s mind which they may or may not be able to tell you. So if your partner needs some time off from you and want to spend time with their friends and families, let them do so.

There they can open up freely to share about you to their other surroundings and if you let them do so, I am sure they will talk only good about you.

The more positive things they share, the more positivity they can bring back to home which fuel up more and more positivity in your relationship as well.

  1. Never raise a voice

Everyone knows that when you are being with people, the better you get to know them, and you will know both positive and negative sides of your partners. You may start disliking their some doings and behaviors.

But I don’t think raising a voice against them would solve the problems, rather it would add more salt and fear in your good relationship.

People do know a person get their habits based on how they live, how they get treated and how they have been taught.

So instead of making a clash, you better take a time to relax yourself first because even when you thing you are not angry, when you see them you would start losing your mind.

That’s why first be calm and then go up to them and try to know why they are doing so. Is there any problem with them which resulting the bad attitude of them?

And if they became loyal and share about their issues, believe that they truly loves you and they actually didn’t mean to do what they did.

After that both of you will be able to work on improving those activities and have a sweet solutions for every awkward situations.

  1. Believe them

Keeping faith has been always the problem in place where I have been living and seeing the couple fight about not believing them about their partner’s love.

Every couple are having some misunderstandings just because of not believing their partner once or again. I have been afraid that how will I be handling the relationship if the person I love wouldn’t believe me and make a pre-assumption about me with others whom I am just casually talking.

So for not creating misunderstanding you better observe your partner movements with other and with you. I am sure no one will be feeling comfortable and clingy with other people just like they do with their partner. That’s why doing some research and evaluating is also important in relationship.

I am not saying that you need to make attempt to evaluate your partner which may lead into more problems but if you are not confident then attempting to know them better so that your life with them will be good in future is not a big deal right.

And sometimes when you feel insecure of your relationship and don’t want to create problems with your partner by judging them then directly have a talk with them.

If you tell your partner that I am afraid of losing you with others and feel more kind of possessive, then your partner for sure will feel glad to hear that their partner is caring for them and will avoid any situation that will lead for any misunderstanding.

In this way both of you will feel secure and happy to be in love.

  1. Support them

You know what, people remember those and love those who have supported them while they were in the phase of knowing themselves.

Your partner may or may not in good standard to show off but him/her have the way to pave and enjoy their life of fullest while being in the way of learning and practicing. So in every moment you need to support them.

Let assume your partner want to make an attempt to start the business but they are kind of clumsy. And in that situation if you directly say no then it will hurt their feelings and may bring coldness in your relationship as well.

So rather than not letting them to do, you could support them by letting them know what are the requirements to start the business. They will improve them in the way of doing and along the way both of your relationship will also flourish. Even if they not become able to be perfect, at least there will be no dissatisfaction between you.

But this never means to spoil your partner okay.


Other than that there are a lot of things to keep in consideration while being in a relationship so that your partner and you will be happy.

You can take them to the place which you enjoy the most so that they feel the value of them in your life.
You could let them do what they want while taking care of them in behind.
You can make them laugh in your own way than taking them to amazing places to feel happy in order to increase your importance in your life.

I am here giving every information about how to maintain your relationship and keep them for a long run based on how I see it and how I define it.

And I am kind of sure that these all information will add a value in your relationship without any worries.

Implementing all these may feel exhaustive in first but I am sure if you begin to do, then you will be more energized to keep a healthy relationship and you will also explore your relationship preferences and happiness as well.

These all information are in explanation but they all indicates you to the way of how to take care of your partner and you.

So in a simple language it all means if you take good care of you and your partner mental and emotional preferences and let them feel it in physical world then you will have the happiest relationship forever.

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I have written all these in my blog because this is the kind of relationship I want to have and it may also help out those who are in confusion to know how to make a relationship work. And also for those who want to find what exactly their partner want from them in the relationship.


After reading all these, you need to make sure that both you and your partner have to do the same. If you expecting your partner to do all these while not putting any efforts from your side, then note down your relationship will not going to work at all.


If there is anything you want to add up,

Or you are not satisfies with in the blog,

Then feel free to comment down your preferences and feelings.

You can also share this blog with your partner if you thing this blog is valuable and want to let them know how to keep healthy relationship with you as well.



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